The United States of America is considered a country of great (almost unlimited) opportunities. The same statement applies to health and medicine. Several American hospitals are among the world leaders and attract patients from all over the world. Nevertheless, medical tourism in the United States is strongly associated with expensive treatment and high travel costs that individuals must bear on their own. But at the same time, the patient can be sure that he is in the hands of the best world experts, who can often take up treatment when other doctors are no longer able to help. In addition, the United States often uses advanced treatments that are not yet approved or widely available in other countries.

Medical Tourism in the USA: Preparation
There are a number of formalities to undergo treatment in the United States. First, the patient needs to allocate a place in the hospital of interest to him. Since many well-known hospitals in the United States are in great demand not only among local residents, but also among foreigners, it is recommended to contact representatives of medical institutions in advance. Accommodation in neighboring hotels for all accompanying persons should also be arranged in advance.

Depending on the nationality of the patient and accompanying persons, a visa may be required for treatment in the United States. If necessary, you must submit an application for a permit in a timely manner so that there are no difficulties at the airport that could in the worst case lead to a denial of entry.

Travel to the USA
For a safe and comfortable trip to the United States, an airplane is the only reasonable option. However, if the patient can no longer move without medical supervision, then special measures must be taken. Renting a private jet for medical evacuation is considered the fastest and safest option: even patients requiring intensive care can be transported, but only under the supervision of a specialized doctor. The medical equipment on board the aircraft complies with the standards of the modern intensive care unit. Also, almost every air ambulance has a place for an accompanying person. Larger models of liners allow you to take a whole company of accompanying persons with you on a trip. And last, but not least, a sanitary aircraft allows you to individually plan flights, including choosing an airport and departure time.

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If the patient does not need intensive care, he can be transported on a regular flight of commercial airlines, but also accompanied by a physician. This method of transportation requires a certain preparation time (usually one or two days) and, of course, depends on the scheduled flights of regular airlines. As already mentioned, during the trip, the patient is accompanied by a doctor or paramedic who monitors the health indicators and in case of deterioration of the data can provide emergency assistance. Depending on the state of health, the transfer can be carried out either sitting in a business class, or lying on a special stretcher. To avoid complications with connecting flights and not burden the patient with heavy transfers, transporting patients on a regular flight is often recommended for direct flights.

The most popular medical tourism destinations in the USA
The best US hospitals also attract the largest number of medical tourists. Below are some of the best of the most prestigious medical facilities in the United States.

– Massachusetts Hospital (Boston, Massachusetts)
The Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston is the largest training clinic at Harvard Medical School and has already released more than a dozen Nobel Prize winners in medicine. This is one of the best hospitals in the United States, especially in the field of psychiatry, diabetology and endocrinology, allergies and immunology, hematology, orthopedics, ENT organs and rehabilitation issues. Today, there are a lot of clinical trials.

In addition to the stars of show business and politics, ordinary Americans (with the appropriate insurance) are treated here, however, foreigners have to pay for all medical services on their own. Ironically, the hospital initially opened as a medical institution for the poor, but today air travel arrives here, bringing many wealthy patients from abroad.

A patient’s trip to the Massachusetts General Hospital is usually made through Boston Logan International Airport.

– University of California Medical Center San Francisco, UCSF (San Francisco, CA)
This is a training hospital and research center at the University of California. Regularly among the top ten medical institutions in the United States.

Founded in 1907 and initially designed for only 75 beds, the UCSF clinic has now grown into an extensive network: the main campus (also a training center) for 600 beds, three hospitals, laboratories and training schools (medical, nursing, stoma

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topological and pharmaceutical). In total, about 800 patients can simultaneously lie and be treated in local hospitals.

The key areas of treatment and research are neonatology, nephrology, neurology and neurosurgery, ophthalmology, psychiatry, pulmonology and lung surgery, rheumatology and urology.

You can get to the UCSF clinic through San Francisco’s airborne harbor, the second largest and passenger flow in all of California. If you decide to rent a private plane to arrive for treatment in San Francisco, you can consider the Sacramento Airport, where there are opportunities not only to accept private jets, but also air travel flights.

– Medical Center. Ronald Reagan at the University of California (Los Angeles, California)
This medical facility is also among the top ten in the United States and is considered No. 1 on the West Coast. UCLA Medical Center has research centers that cover almost all key areas of medicine, including dentistry. The clinic has a pediatric ward designed for 15 beds. A program for the treatment of cancer in adolescent patients was also developed here. The program provides a comfortable youth environment in which adolescents and young people can provide emotional support to each other during treatment. Everything here is aimed at creating normal living conditions, helping young patients cope with complex diagnoses and a long stay at the Medical Center.

The discovery by the UCLA teacher and pharmacologist of the local medical center Luis Ignaro of one of the most important signaling molecules in the human body, nitric oxide, led to the fact that he received the Nobel Prize in medicine in 1998. This discovery revolutionized cardiopulmonary medicine and immunology. Today, a number of studies are simultaneously being conducted here, some of which are immediately introduced into the process of experimental treatment.

– New York Presbyterian Hospital (New York, NY)
This is a non-profit medical center, combined with two ivy League medical schools. The clinic is considered the best in the entire district, in addition, it is also considered one of the largest hospitals in the world (more than 20,000 employees and 2600 beds). The center has an emergency and emergency surgery department (NYP-EMS), a hernia and gallbladder disease treatment (Allen Hospital), pediatric departments (Morgan Stanley and Komansky), a cardiology institute (Ronald O. Perelman Heart Institute). In addition, medical and clinical studies are conducted here (in 20 academic departments).

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In 2012, ABC even shot a series of NY Med documentaries about the work, medical staff, and patients of the New York Presbyterian Hospital.

If you decide to rent a private plane to get to the best Big Apple clinic, experts recommend that you first of all consider landing Teterboro Airport.

A trip to the United States with Cofrans
If you require medical treatment in the USA, we are always ready to help you. We can support you by contacting the host hospital and providing accommodation to your friends and relatives. We are also ready to offer help and advice when applying for a visa.

In particular, the organization of the flight of medical aviation and medical evacuation is our priority. If you plan to leave on a regular airliner, we will help you arrange an agreement with the airline and provide you with a qualified doctor. If, for health reasons, you or your loved ones need to rent a private plane for transfer to the clinic, we will provide you with the right aircraft and a specialized medical team at the right time.

Regardless of whether you book a seat on a regular flight of commercial airlines or rent a private plane, you can use our “from bed to bed” service. We will pick you up from home or from the hospital at your request using an ambulance and take you to the airport. An ambulance will also be waiting for you at the destination airport in the USA and will deliver you directly to the receiving hospital.

Still have questions? Contact our specialists
On our site you will find a lot of useful information about medical evacuation, repatriation and medical aviation. Our international team is available to you 24 hours a day. We will be happy to explain your possibilities for a trip to the USA for treatment. You just have to contact the Cofrans staff.

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