Mexico. Latest updates:
– Ground handling offices, as well as the private aviation terminal in Toluca, continue to operate to support flights, and during the COVID-19 pandemic, they follow best practices for the safe handling of flights.

– On April 3, 2020, new restrictions were announced, bringing the country closer to the complete closure of borders.

– The officials of the departments of tourism and health have instructed hotels not to accept new and cancel existing reservations, as well as to close those areas of activity that are not significant (not related to the sphere of goods and services of the first real estate). It is worth recalling that if US citizens are blocked in the country due to the closure of borders, the US government will not pay for their accommodation and other expenses.

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– Currently, international commercial flights fly to Mexico. Foreign nationals wishing to return home must arrange to leave as soon as possible if they are not ready to stay abroad for an indefinite period. Many governments do not plan to organize repatriation flights.

General restrictions:
There are no current restrictions or prohibitions for the crew / passengers of private aircraft, except for people with a positive result on COVID-19.

Restrictions for passengers:
Passengers must complete a risk identification form / questionnaire and pass an airport temperature check. Anyone suspected of having COVID-19 will be sent for further examination to health professionals.

The crew must also fill out a “Risk Factor Definition” questionnaire and go to measure body temperature. Anyone suspected of having COVID-19 will be sent for further examination with a health professional.

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Health Screening:
– All crew members and passengers of a private jet must go through a temperature measurement procedure using an infrared thermometer.

– If all forms are pre-filled and the health status of all passengers and crew is not suspicious, then delays in registration will be minimal.

– If someone has symptoms of a viral disease or fever, the Department of Health will take the necessary measures to prevent the further spread of the disease.

Quarantine Information:
-Mexico does not currently have a mandatory quarantine policy for confirmed or suspected cases. However, according to current regulations, passengers and crew members of a private jet who are returning from a country with a high percentage of patients with COVID-19 and who develop symptoms of a respiratory illness should immediately consult a doctor and tell their travel history.

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ICAO Special Information:
MMTP Airport changed its mode of operation in connection with the coronavirus epidemic: 12: 00/02: 00 daily runs from 12:00 on April 05, 2020 to 02:00 on April 30, 2020.

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